Frontline support team

Aadya Rising is an organization by and for the LGBTQIA2+ community that provides mutual support through peer led support groups, advocacy in navigating resources, community organizing, and education — all in the pursuit of our collective self-determination.
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Meet our team

Dr. Susan Byers
Executive Director
Atlanta-based Psychologist Dr. Susan Byers brings over 20 years of experience to her practice, offering her clients a holistic and integrative approach as they navigate life's transitions.
Micky Mackenrodt, M.A.
Speaker/Board Member
Micky identifies as non-binary, gender-fluid and queer. Born in 1979 in Germany, they started volunteering for non-profits in their teens.
Speaker/Board Member
Kohan is a 30-year-old, female to male transgender advocate from Tennessee. He and his service dog Linus make a perfect team.
Skyler Jay
Director of Operations/Speaker/Board Member
Skyler is a vivacious transgender activist from the South East. He has worked for the LGBTQIA+ community for over a decade and worked to greatly increase visibility, growth, and opportunity for Transgender people.
Kristen Lee
Speaker/Board Member
Kristen Lee has spoken on panels promoting mental health, healthy relationships, and women’s empowerment.
Gabrielle Lory
Grant Writer Funding & Development
Gabrielle Lory is currently earning her doctorate in Sociology. Before coming to West Virginia, she attended the University of Georgia where she obtained her BA in Sociology and her MA from Georgia Southern University in Criminology.
Rosalynne (Rose) Montoya
Speaker/ Board Member
Rosalynne Montoya, usually referred to as Rose, is a Hispanic, bisexual, nonbinary transgender woman. Rose’s pronouns are she/her/hers and they/them/their/theirs. She works as a professional model, content creator, actor, public speaker, makeup artist, and advocate. Their goal is to spread love and education about their community as they share their story.
Jericho Galindo (Jericho/He/Ze)
Speaker/Board Member
A working artist since he was 14 years old, moved to Phoenix in 2016, where he fell back in love with the art of drag and community advocacy.