Community Heroes with Erfan Part 4

We did this last part of the interview at the end of August before Erfan was hospitalized for bottom surgery. We wish him a fast recovery!

Our transatlantic interview with Erfan was conducted in German and translated. With Erfan’s consent, we added a few comments (in brackets) for a better understanding, where we considered it helpful.
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Micky @Micky.Montreal: We at Aadya Rising are offering a scholarship for top surgery. For trans people, top surgery is often a dream come true. Non-trans people sometimes wonder why because most people are afraid of surgery and want to avoid surgery! Why is top surgery so important to you from your perspective as a trans man?

Erfan @erfan.khoshrouzi: Because I always had to wear a binder and I could not breathe well, especially when the weather was warm; because I could not go to the swimming pool; because I could not take off my shirt when I was with my partner; because I couldn't bear to see myself in the mirror when I was in the shower. I couldn't buy shirts or T-shirts that were my size. I always had to buy them bigger.

Micky: How did you feel after your top surgery?

Erfan: Wow, amazing! I felt so free, not alienated from my body. It was like in a dream!

Micky: Erfan, you have already come such a long way, and you have already achieved so much. In a few weeks, you are undergoing surgery again. What are you getting done?

Erfan: Yes, on September 9th, I have my next surgery. It is the bottom surgery. Yet this last surgery consists of a lot of steps, and this one will be the first step of bottom surgery.

Micky: How are you feeling so shortly before the next surgery?

Erfan: First of all, I am very busy because I have to do run a lot of errands. Cooking, cleaning, and so on, stuff I won’t be able to do after the surgery. I also have paperwork to do, submitting documents, etc. I am generally more stressed this time than last time because I had such a difficult second surgery. But I stay positive!

Micky: Are you planning more surgeries after this one? And how do you pay for the surgeries?

Erfan: Yes, sure, I will take the complete steps, until the end. This means about four more surgeries, not including corrections. I do not know the exact costs of it, as the hospital regulates everything directly with the insurance. My health insurance company here in Germany covers the costs.

Micky: What are your plans for the future? What are your dreams?

Erfan: I want to start vocational training immediately after the surgeries and then work, that's certainly my next plan. If I earn money, then I have many plans! I'm not sure. I'd like to write my autobiography from when I was a child in Iran until surgery and then a second book beginning from after the surgeries, about my further education and work life, and what I'll be experiencing in the future. Honestly, I want people to know everything that can happen to you if you are trans. Discrimination and transphobia, if you are at work, or if you are looking for vocational training, and you can not keep that private that you are trans, because the previous documents show everything. And I would like to get married and have children and all of that! That, and writing my own book, those are my dreams for the future.

Micky: What do you want for other trans people? Do you have special tips based on your experience?

Erfan: I wish them all the best and everything that trans people want, mainly, freedom. My special tip is: keep fighting! One day it will all be over and okay. You deserve everything you have fought for! If your way is very, very easy, then your way is wrong because all great things take time and patience!

Micky: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Erfan: Good luck, and stay healthy! Health is the most important thing! 😊 😊

Dear Erfan,
Thank you very much for this great interview. We admire your courageous journey and wish you good luck with your surgeries and for the future. Thank you for your openness to share!
Once Corona is over, and borders are open again, you have a permanent invitation to visit us in Canada and the US!

Micky & the Aadya Rising team


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